Who we are

Mascon, "Planning ideas, building the future".

We not only build, we also plan, evaluate, adapt and maximise options for each construction. We base our business model on quality, good work, constant and determined development and ideas which we express in each operation and in each project.

All our projects are managed from both our centres in Vigo and Madrid which have generated continual growth not only nationally but also internationally.

The good quality of our working methods has been our "letter of introduction" to many companies that have increasingly entrusted their projects to us irrespective of where they are carried out. Some of the factors that have generated this growth have been our project execution plans and our reliability in fulfiling them, the enlargement of industrial spaces without affecting the production process of companies, the meticulous management of all aspects of the work and our flexibility.

Once the present is established in Mascon, we are looking to the future with the same enthusiasm with which the project was initiated 30 years ago, with the aim of being the leading brand in custom-made building projects adapted to the needs of each client, responding promptly and correctly and demonstating efficient and functional working methods, with the confidence of being a company with more future than present.

We stand out in our sector for three types of work:

Brand image: We work and build for clients such as Citroën, Peugeot, Hyundai, Lidl, Carrefour and Gadis throughout Spain, incorporating the introduction of their corporate image in a range of industrial warehouses, building their dealerships and points of sale, supermarkets or logistical centres according to the architectural criteria that each brand requires.

Ventilated façades: We plan, assess, calculate and install different types of unique façades with metallic, ceramic or stone finishes fixed to a light structure which we attach and fix with different types of anchorage, depending on individual requirements. Our clients are the big traders in the hospital sector on the Iberian peninsula, such as Acciona & Puentes, Ferrovial, Grupo Ortiz and OHL. We have installed our system in cities such as Vigo, Santander, Zamora, Fuerteventura and Madrid amongst others.

Industrial Building: We build for the automobile, conserve and fishing sectors and for the big energy companies. In recent years we have constructed new industrial units, extensions and refurbishments as well as landscaping their grounds, and in many cases the installation and supply of different production processes. Clients such as Denso, Benteler, Plastic Omnium, Faurecia, Trw, Eberpacher, Conservas La Brújula, Pescapuerta, Repsol or Ence.

Mission, vision and values

Our Mission

To accompany its clients in their development, providing them with peace of mind and technical and economic advice in everything related to the construction and realisation of projects at their premises, whether they be commercial or industrial, thus fostering a sustainable profitability for our share-holders, contributing to advances in society with the introduction of our projects and creating an adequate space for the development of the people who make up Mascon.

Our vision

  • To be the most highly recommended national company for "key-in-hand" building solutions for industry and commerce.
  • To have a 100% success rate in project completion times.
  • To be leaders in quality-price-innovation ratio in our sector.
  • To develop a human team made up of extraordinary people who work together in a balanced way.
  • To grow gradually whilst still maintaining our agility and flexibility.
  • Commitment between the company and those people who are looking for operative excellence.
  • Change as a constant paradigm: our speed of change will enable us to be superior.

Our values

  • Leadership
  • people development
  • Transparency and communication
  • Discipline and perseverance
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Mutual respect
  • Enthusiasm
  • Loyalty


Mascon tries to avoid all environmental pollution, since the right to live in a pollution-free environment, the protection of the environment, the conservation of nature and our environmental heritage is a right and a commitment of all human beings for future generations. For this reason we accept our commitment responsibly and inescapably on behalf of all the members and associates of our organisation.

The guidelines on which we base our policies are the following:

  • To obey legislation and current rulings which are applicable to environmental aspects and impacts and other requirements subscribed to.
  • To prevent environmental pollution associated with our activities, services and procedures.
  • To establish objectives which tend towards satisfying the environmental requirements of our clients in relation to current legislation.
  • To rationalise the use of energy and water resources.
  • To control residue correctly.
  • To manage dangerous substances efficiently.
  • To use high energy efficiency materials.


In order to fulfil the commitment entered into with our clients and employees, Mascon has all the necessary, safe and reliable resources to fulfil the requirements of the current Construction Industry as well as to fulfil high standards of quality in all the projects it undertakes and in human resources including each one of its employees.

We aim to maintain the parameters of quality according to the following principles:

  • To promote a high level of worker participation in the development and implementation of Quality System Management.
  • To maintain a close and direct relationship with our clients with the aim of understanding each one of their demands and being able to fulfill their expectations now and in the future.
  • To develop and strengthen the abilities and aptitudes of our personnel.
  • To establish control system processes in order to understand and control the correct functioning of each piece of work.
  • To achieve leadership in our sector with our performance, image and recognised brand. It is obligatory for our personnel to be aware of this policy so that we can develop the efficiency of the processes of the Quality Management System and to monitor the output of each one of the workers which make up our company. The management team is committed to ensuring the fulfilment of this policy.

Occupational Risk Prevention

Mascon recognises the importance of its human resources and has as one of its priorities the implementation and continuous improvement of its System of Management of Health and Safety at Work, supported at management level, which is intended to safeguard the physical, mental and social well-being of its workers, providing safe and appropriate places of work. For this reason, ALL the established rules and regulations will be obligatory for ALL our workers, sub-contractors and visitors.

The general parameters to fulfil the above commitment are:

  • Risk control will be the first priority in the development of activities in any work.
  • Providing workers with training and information about the hazards inherent in their work, awareness and necessary resources for its implementation, prevention of mistakes and pollution which may be caused by the activity. To this end we have the necessary procedures available for the development of different preventative activities.
  • Aiming to maintain the physical and mental well-being of each one of the workers.
  • In the first instance, all workers are responsible for the efficient and effective fulfilment of their work, care for their own safety, for the safety of those in their charge, for that of the company and to participate proactively in the activities and promotion of health and safety.
  • Workers at all levels of the company are responsible for maintaining a safe, healthy working environment. A high level of Health and Safety constitutes an indisputable hallmark of quality and image for the company. This represents yet one more reason for doing everything possible to fulfil this company objective.
  • Analysing all accidents and incidents, initiating their correction, evaluation and promotion of corrective measures.


Mascon is registered in the Accredited Company Register (REA), fulfiling the requirements of capacity and quality in the prevention of occupational hazards. Because of this, the organisation is committed to the continuous improvement of management systems, the fulfilment of applicable legal and other kinds of requirements and the assignation of the necessary resources for this improvement.

This policy, which defines the general principles of action in sustainability of Mascon, is inspired by the best practices laid out in international conventions and protocols, codes of conduct and internationally applicable guidelines in this area.

Amongst these, special attention will be paid to the United Nations Objectives of Sustainable Development (OSD) without any compromise on the strict fulfilment of applicable guidelines. This policy is complemented by other policies of Mascon, including:

- Integrated Management System Policy.
- Internal Ethical Code.
- Supplier Ethical Code.

These policies will be subject to revision by the department of Corporate Social Responsibility, so that all areas are aware of them and make the necessary decisions to put them into practice. The President proposes the strategy and carries out the monitoring of the sustainability of Mascon initiatives. In the Sustainability report, strategy, management and objectives of Mascon are reflected.

Mascon establishes a process via the present policy of principles and commitments, focused on the creation of value in the long term for its main interest groups.

Click here to download the Mascon Policy of Corporate Social Responsibility.